Air Conditioning Systems. Industrial Ventilation

Solutions in air conditioning, extraction and air supply for your premises.

Air conditioning installations. Climate and ventilation installation

Our team of engineers studies your project, taking into account three factors:




Maximum energy efficiency

Our facilities seek maximum energy efficiency. For example, if you have a cold/conditioning system, we take advantage of the excess energy they produce themselves.

That way you save on your electricity bill.

We work with materials with a low or zero environmental impact, as is the case with the refrigerant gases.

We take special care with the handling of waste, in accordance with the current legislation.

The aforementioned aspects are encompassed in the eco-policy of fridec Solutions.

We study, design
and execute your project!

Get in touch and we will offer you the best solution:

  • All air (roof-top, split machines).
  • Water chiller.
  • Variable volume systems (VRV, City Multy).
  • Combined cold/conditioning systems.
  • Extractions for kitchens.
  • Air supplies.
  • 24/7 Maintenance.
  • Technical support service.

Industrial Ventilation