Bespoke Refrigerated Display Cabinets

bespoke refrigerated

At fridec Solutions we have been designing, manufacturing and assembling
bespoke refrigerated display cabinets for more than 40 years.


Our product is of a high quality.
Our stainless steel manufacturing combined with the best technology,
guarantees a perfect temperature at any point of the display cabinet.


We create straight and curved display cabinets,
with different types of glass and openings of them.


We have a wide range of finishes, creating a perfect integration
in any project, whether it is personal or external.

At fridec Solutions we manufacture refrigerated display cabinets for:
meat, poultry, delicatessen, confectionery and pickles (in these display cabinets, the
evaporators are made entirely of inox steel).

How do you want your display cabinet? 



Bespoke Refrigerated Display Cabinets made by Fridec