Commercial refrigeration. Design of Commercial Premises

Our History

In 1978 Luciano de Benito founded fridec S.L.
This is the history of his business legacy.

Commercial Refrigeration. Luciano de Benito, founder of Fridec S.L.

Fridec S.L. is a company founded by Luciano de Benito, in 1978.

Luciano, from a humble background, learned to work with stainless steel from a very young age. A hard-working man with an entrepreneurial spirit, he created his own company within the food and hospitality sector, specialising in the creation of furniture for this field. From the need to provide mechanical cooling for his products, the industrial and commercial cooling division was born and continued to grow.

For our founder, the company was not just a way of doing business; it was also a way of understanding life based on traditional values such as humility, integrity and endeavour, seeking, as a reward, the satisfaction of work well done, as well as the satisfaction of his customers. The economic benefit was simply a consequence of this good work.

About us

We are Luciano’s sons, the second generation at the forefront of fridec Solutions. To our founder’s traditional values, we add other more current ones, such as respect for the environmen..

For this purpose, we work constantly on searching for more efficient technical solutions that are respectful to our surroundings, both in our facilities and in our products.

Currently we are a leading company in the sector, where we have 4 differentiated divisions that also complement each other, these are:

and commercial cooling
Air conditioning
and ventilation

Where are we heading?

Design of Commercial Premises

We are committed to growth, innovation and to providing our customers with increasingly improved products which satisfy all their needs.

All of this while doing our bit to help the environment and, ultimately, make our world a better place.

We invite you to get to know us and take this journey together!

The Fridec Solutions team.