Stainless Steel Furniture Factory

Stainless steel is our hallmark: a reliable, durable and elegant material.

Stainless steel furniture factory in Madrid. Stainless steel texture

At fridec Solutions , we have been working with stainless steel for 40 years. Tradition and technology combined to make maximum quality stainless steel products.

We bespoke manufacture all types of furniture with or without refrigeration: wine cellars, cupboards, cooling tables, refrigerated display cabinets, and more. A wide range of finishes customised for each project, such as glass, lighting, materials and any other request customers have.

Your bespoke stainless steel furniture item!

Bespoke working enables us to customise each project. We go even further: we have a wide range of products, being capable of carrying out significant and detailed commissions, on both an industrial level and in the world of decoration.

We work in our stainless steel furniture factory in Madrid